Rolleiflex 4x4 "Baby" Models  (updated 12 December 2018)

In 1931 Rollei introduced  a TLR that used 127 film.  The negative size was 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" or about 4x4 cm.  These cameras were known as the Baby Rolleiflexes  In 1957 a Grey model was reintroduced which is the most common one found today.

I've used a Grey Baby Rolleiflex since 1982 or so and I love them.  Getting 127 film now is difficult to do.  As of December 2018 there are a few sources for 127 film.  EFKE, the last major producer of 127 film is out of business and some old stock is available on eBay at very high prices. 



127 Film

Getting 127 film takes some effort and it is not cheap.  No major manufacturer regularly spools 127 film.  There are some sources for 127 film so don't give up hope.  Expired 127 film shows up on eBay all the time - most of it is not useable.  If it has expired before 1995 or so results will be degraded unless it has been frozen since fresh.  There's a new kid on the block and it is Rera Pan & Rera Chrome 127.

In the USA there are a number of vendors who carry some 127 film.

B&H has re-spooled Ilford HP5+ :


Freestyle carries Rera Pan 400


Lomography gets Rera Pan 100 or 400 in on occasion:


Frugal Photographer carries 127 film but seems to be sold out:


In Europe Maco Direct carries Rera Pan B&W and a new Rera Chrome E-6 slide film.  I received a roll of the Rera Chrome E-6 in Nov 2018 from Maco but have not shot it yet.  From what I can tell Maco is the company who has the Rera films made in Japan & then distributes them to other sellers.  If you live outside the EU Maco takes the VAT tax off so the price is lower.    Rera Pan 100 is discontinued as it was Fuji Acros film and Fuji has stopped making it.  No one seems to know just who makes the Rera Pan 400 replacement.


Efke R100

Efke's web site is still up but the plant is long closed.

Efke IR820 127


If you have 127 spools & 127 backing paper film you can re-spool your own 127,    You will need 46mm non-perforated film or you can slice down 120 film or 70mm film to 46mm wide.  When I finish off my last 53 rolls of Efke 127 film I plan on slicing down 120 Ilford HP5+ to 46mm and spool my own.  I have been saving my spools & backing papers for 12 years now.


Here's a great tutorial by The Frugal Photographer on re-spooling 46mm film in 127 rolls:


There's a vendor jrdnmrk on eBay who sells re-spooled 127 film and will spool whatever you need:

funtimecamera AT gee mail dot komm



Problems with 127 Film in a Rolleiflex 4x4

There have been reports in the past that some 127 film on the new plastic spools jamming in a Baby Rollei.  I have had some problems.  What I do is to use only METAL take-up spools in my Baby Rollei. I have salvaged about a dozen metal spools and I save them as I do my own developing.  If you send out your film make sure you tell the lab that you want your 127 spool back!

I buy old 127 film on Ebay just to get the metal 127 spools!


Frugal Photographer had a page discussing this here.  Since the link is dead, here's what they said back on July 8th 2009:

"Until 1995, 127 film was sold on metal spools with thin end flanges (approximately 0.75mm in thickness). 

The 127 film available today is spooled on injection-molded plastic spools. Two types are being manufactured: those made in Croatia have  a slotted brass insert at the winding tip; and those made in Canada are all plastic.

It is the Croatian brass-tipped spool that sometimes causes problems for "Baby Rollei" users. The plastic end flanges are about 1.15mm thick, rather than 0.75mm, and the exterior flange-to-flange distance is correspondingly greater. 

Some "Baby Rollei" users find the camera's film takeup chamber is quite tight, and describe problems with the film jamming when these brass-tipped spools are used as takeup spools. There is apparently no problem using these spools in the supply chamber.

This issue appears to arise only with "Baby" Rolleiflex TLR cameras, and only with some of them. There are "Baby Rollei" users who say they have never had the problem. It has never been reported as an issue with any other camera.

The issue does not arise with Bluefire 127 film, which is spooled on an all-plastic spool. This spool has the same external dimensions as the canonical metal spools, and does not cause jamming in either the takeup or supply chamber."



Rolleiflex 4x4 Models

Model 1 60mm f/3.5 Tessar 1/300 Top Speed 1931
Model 2 60mm f/3.5 Tessar 1/500 Top Speed 1934
Model 1 60mm f/2.8 Tessar 1/300 Top Speed 1931
Model 2 60mm f/2.8 Tessar 1/500 Top Speed 1934
Model 3    
War Model   1942?
1957 Grey   1957-1961
1963 Black   1963-1968

Serial Numbers

The exact serial numbers are not fully known.  Different experts quote different models and serial numbers.  Here's what I have been able to come up with so far (Source: Peter Rongsted)

Start S/N   End S/N   Production Start End Model Prochnow Parker Evans
1 125,000 * 145,100 * 6,200 March 1931 Jan 1933   Rolleiflex 4x4 3,5 model 1 Baby 4x4 1931 Rolleiflex 3.5 Original Baby
2 125,000 * 145,000 * 3,300 July 1931 Jan 1933   Rolleiflex 4x4 2,8 model 1 Baby 4x4 1931 Rolleiflex 2.8 Original Baby
3 127,000   523,000   300 Feb 1933 Dec 1934   Rolleiflex 4x4 3,5 model 2 Baby 4x4 1934 Rolleiflex Black Baby (type 1)
4 150,000 * 154,999 * 1,680 Feb 1933 Dec 1934   Rolleiflex 4x4 2,8 model 2 Baby 4x4 1933 Rolleiflex Black Baby (type 2)
5 150,000 * 154,999 *         Rolleiflex 4x4 3,5 model ? Baby 4x4 1933 Rolleiflex Black Baby (type 1)
6 155,000 * 523,000           Rolleiflex 4x4 2,8 model 2 Baby 4x4 1934 Rolleiflex Black Baby (type 2)
7 155,000 * 524,999 * 3,100 Dec 1934 Jan 1938   Rolleiflex 4x4 2,8 model 3 Baby 4x4 1937 Rolleiflex Black Baby (type 4)
8 155,000 * 523,000   140 Dec 1934 Jun 1936   Rolleiflex 4x4 3,5 model 3 Baby 4x4 1937 Rolleiflex Black Baby (type 3)
9 622,000   734,999 * 2,174 Feb 1938 Feb 1941   Rolleiflex 4x4 2,8 model 4 "Sports Rolleiflex" Baby 4x4 1938 Rolleiflex Sports Rolleiflex
10 850,000   850,999 * 500 1941 1944   Rolleiflex 4x4 2,8 War model? Type 2 Baby 4x4 1938 Rolleiflex Sports Rolleiflex
11 2,000,001   2,064,999   63,250 Jul 1957 Apr 1963 K5 Rolleiflex 4x4 grau Baby 4x4 1957 Grey Rolleiflex Grey Baby
12 2,064,000   2,069,120   4,930 May 1963 Mar 1968 K5 Rolleiflex 4x4 schwarz Baby 4x4 1963 Black Rolleiflex Post-war Black Baby
Source: Peter Rongsted                

Clearly, the most common model is the Baby Grey of 1957 with 63,250 units made.




Ross Yerkes has  serviced a Baby Rollei for me and did a great job:


Ross Yerkes Camera Repair

342 Kirby Street Los Angeles, CA 90042

Telephone (323) 256-1018


Harry Fleenor doe not work on the Baby Rollei


If you know of a service person/repair shop that has done satisfactory work on a Baby Rollei, let me know and I will add it here.


If you want to re-cover your Baby Rollei, has re-cover kits that are very good.



Using the Baby Rollei

I currently use my Baby to take pictures!    Read this to find out more on using the Baby 4x4.



Rollei made a lot of accessories for the Baby 4x4.  Here's a list of them from the 1957 price list:

Baby Rollei Price List April 1957  
1957 CODE Description Price
VYBAX Rolleiflex 4x4 Xenar $133.65
BERVY Everready Case $11.55
VYOBE Lens Hood $4.95
BAUNE Rolleinar Lens, set 1 (40-18") $14.95
BADOS Rolleinar Lens, set 2 (20-12") $14.95
BAIHE Light Yellow $4.95
BAIMI Medium Yellow $4.95
BALIN Light Green $4.95
BAEEN Green $4.95
BAORA Orange $4.95
BAUBI Light Red $4.95
BABLA Light Blue $4.95
BAFIR Infrared $4.95
BASKY UV-protective $4.95
BAHAZ H 1-filter (UV filter for Daylight Color Film) $4.95
BARWO R 2 red colored $6.95
BARFU R 5 red colored $6.95
BAREL R 11 red colored $6.95
BAWOB B 2  blue colored $6.95
BAFUB B 5 blue colored $6.95
BAELB B 11 blue colored $6.95
BATAR Rolleipol Polarising  $16.95
BATNU Rolleisoft Diffusion Disk 0 $8.95
BATON Rolleisoft Diffusion Disk 1 $8.95
VYCOM Leatherr case  contating 1 lens hood,  2 sets Rolleinar lenses and your choice of 5 filters $59.95
VYLEE Leather case as above without contents $5.95
VYSET Leather case containing:  1 lens hood and your choice of 2 filters $14.85
VYSOF Leather case as above, without contents $2.95
ETSIX Leather case containing 6 color conversion filters $39.95
ETVER Leather cas as above, without contents $3.95
BASYN Rolleiflash Attachmanet $24.95
BOXIN Boxin Case for  1 Rolleiflash + 1 Rollei comb. $4.50
CEKAB Extention Cord  foe Flash-Attachment 10 ft. $2.75
FLACO Extention Flashholder Rolleiflash comb. with  connecting cord 80" $14.95
TRIKA Extension Cord for Rolleiflashcomb. 10 ft $2.75
BLIKA Flash Connecting Cord  32" $2.00
FOFIX RolleiFix tripodhead $5.95
FOEAD Pannorama Head $13.95
Listed in Owners Manual May 1957  
VYGUZ Sholder Pad for Neckstrap  
Listed in Owner's Manual November 1967  
Metal Eveready case  
Rolleilux  (Lens hood + exposure meter)  
Rolleinar Lenses Set 3 (12.5 -9.5")  
 R1 red color  
B1 blue color  
Rolleiflash 2 attachment  
Rolleiflash comb. 2 Attachment  
Carrying Case for Rolleiflash  
10 ft. Extention cord for Rolleiflash 2  
32" Cord for Rolleiflash 2  
Colied cord 1'/3' for Rolleiflash 2  
Connector for 2 cords  
Rollei Micro-Tube  
Rollei Micro-Prism  
Rollei Pistol Grip  
Accessories Not Listed  
Replacement Strap  
+3 to -3 Magnifiers for faulty vision  



Last Updated: 12/12/2018