Graflex Optar Large Format Lenses

Folmer Graflex filed for a trademark on Monday June 22nd, 1942 for the name "Optar".  In their filing they stated that the name "Optar" was first used on May 8th, 1942. They were awarded the trademark for "Optar" on October 27th, 1942.  So the oldest Optar lenses date to 1942. 

Serial numbers range from at least 289,xxx to 929,xxx.  I have not been able to find any source that can date Optar lenses based on the lens serial numbers.  If you have an Optar lens that the serial number is outside this range please let me know.

Here's a chart of Graflex Optar large format lenses.  As you can see it is missing a lot of information.  If you have any information on the Optars please send it to me so that I can update my chart.  Thanks!

Graflex Optar Lenses  
FL mm FL Inch Title F/Stop Min F stop Shutter Filter size Format Notes
65mm  2 1/2 Optar WA f/6.8  f/32  Graphex (no. 1) 33mm or 1 5/16" slip-on - My copy uses 34mm slip-on. 2x3 1 3/16" mounting hole (30.16mm)
90mm 3 1/2 Optar WA f/6.8 f/32 Graphex (no. 1) 31.5mm or 1 1/4" slip-on 4x5 1 3/16" mounting hole (30.16mm)
90mm   Optar f/4.5 f/32 Barrel      
101mm   Optar f/4.5 f/32 Graphex (no. 1) 31.5mm or 1 1/4" slip-on 2x3 1 3/16" mounting hole (30.16mm)
127mm   Optar f/4.5   Graphex      
135mm   Optar f/4.7 f/32  Graphex 38mm or 1.5" slip-on 4x5 34.6mm mounting hole # 0 Shutter
135mm   Rodenstock-Optar f/4.5  f/32 Graphex 1000 Series VI    
162mm 6 3/8" Optar f/4.5 f/32 Graphex      
190mm   Optar           Auto Diaphragm for Super D Graflex
20cm 8 Tele-Optar f/5.6 f/32 Graphex 42.5mm scew in or 1 3/4" slip on 2x3  
203mm 8 Optar f/7.5  f/32  Graphex (no. 2)  39.5mm or 1 9/16" slip on    
25cm 10 Tele-Optar f/5.6 f/32 Graphex 55mm 4x5  
270mm   Tele-Optar            
270mm   Rodenstock Tele-Optar f/6.5   Graphex 1000      
38cm 15 Tele-Optar f/5.6 f/32 Barrel   4x5  
Compiled by Anthony Oresteen - with a lot of help from and members!      


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