Anthony J. Oresteen   

I've played poker for years and I've hosted a lot of games.  Everyone plays poker differently so it's imperative

to have the "house rules" written out.  Over the years I've developed quite an extensive set of home poker rules. 

Having a written set of rules makes the game fair for all players and ensures a good game.  Feel free to use

them for your home games.    If you are running your own card room, you need to look at Bob Ciaffone's rules,

 known as "Roberts Rules of Poker Ver 11".

Oresteen's Home Rules for Poker Ver. 32 (PDF) Includes Tournament Rules.

FAQ on Oresteen's Home Poker Rules (PDF)

Robert's Rules of Poker Ver 11 for a Cardroom (PDF)

You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to open the documents.  Get it here:      

I first wrote my poker rules way back in February 1994.  They were a page and a half long.  Quite a difference from the current
Version 32!  Roughly speaking there have been about 39 versions thus far.  Don't feel that you can't update your
rules to handle changes in the the way your group likes to play poker.

Here's the very first version of my home poker rules from Feb 1994 just for reference.

Oresteen's Home Rules for Poker Version 1  (PDF) (Do NOT use! Way too old)


Never Play High or Low Chicago!   Play Hi-Lo Atlanta instead!



Here are some of my favorite poker links. Try them, they have good stuff.

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Wilson Software   (Wilson Software is out of business.  A shame as their products were the best.  Here's

a link to their archived page ).  Their software is worth tracking down.


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